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Flanegan Bainon

Photographer, Filmmaker & Visionary of Hinava Media.

I am a trained technical Photographer hail from the Island of Borneo. Portrait and Documentary is my expertise.
After working and living in Australia and Japan for almost a decade and assigned to photographed around the Asia-Pacific region.
I moved back to Malaysia in January 2020 working for a startup health technology-related. I lost the job during the Pandemic COVID-19 in June.
I decided to start my own Digital Media Entertainment (Hinava Media) where I can tell and share stories about the island of Borneo. My long term vision for Hinava Media is to become one of the leading Digital Entertainment Media Company in South East Asia.

Current Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Borneo.


A Technical trained Photographer from RMIT University and has been Photograph all over Asia-Pacific since 2010.


From Photography, eventually added a new skill in Visual Motion focusing more on Story-telling Documentary or Shorts.

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