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Aspivix is a medical device company developing a novel suction cervical stabilizer for modern gynaecology with patient experience in mind.

Co-founded Avex Homes, a homebuilder in Central Florida in 2012. Builds single family and townhomes in Central Florida. Became 3rd largest independently owned homebuilder in Central Florida. Sold to Stanley Martin Homes in 2021, a subsidiary of Daiwa House, Japan’s largest homebuilder and one of the largest construction companies in the world.

Publicly traded Swiss paper manufacturer. Paper business was sold and real estate (factories etc) was developed.

Co-founded CultivateAI, a precision agriculture solutions provider that develops crop management software.

Data Transfer Solution (DTS) is co-founded in 2004.  DTS would have subsidiaries in 8 states, over 100 employees and become the leading GIS company for various Department of Transportation in more than 20 US States. DTS develops GIS-based asset management software and had several Fortune 500 clients such as Disney and Target. DTS is sold in 2017 to SNC Lavelin, Canada, one of the largest Canadian publicly traded company.

A premier assisted living and memory care facility in Central Florida.

Hi-D Imaging provides the world’s first AI-based decision-making support software that predicts blood flow abnormalities directly from Computed Tomography (CT) examinations and uses this information for the diagnosis, treatment planning, and risk assessment for cardiac operations.

HMS is a German publicly traded commodities marketing company specialized in reliable just-in-time deliveries of raw materials, energy products, ores, cement and other commodities for industrial customers worldwide.

Co-founded inQbator with BLKB, the largest regional bank in the canton of Baselland to support and invest in early-stage innovative companies in Switzerland.

A pharmaceutical startup developing innovative solutions for female over-active bladder patients.

Growth strategy firm covering branding, digital transformation, and revenue optimization.

Pasco Mine owns and operates a 130 acre structural fill and limerock mine.

A biopharmaceutical company developing oral enzyme therapies to help patients suffering from digestive diseases

Investment into sitEX Properties Holding AG, a publicly traded Swiss real estate development company with activities in Northwest Switzerland, Central Florida and Texas. Largest shareholder. Top performing publicly traded company in Switzerland with a 10-yr IRR of 19.4%

Founded a global co-working brand with 3 locations currently: Switzerland, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Tolremo is a biotech company developing a proprietary drug discovery and development platform to the development of cancer therapy resistance.

Valartis is a Swiss publicly traded international financial group with businesses ranging from Financial Services, Real Estate Projects and Investments.

VOXX is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of Automotive and Consumer Electronics products, with an expanding portfolio of iris-based authentication solutions for the rapidly growing biometrics industry. It is traded on NASDAQ. API is the largest shareholder of VOXX.