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sitEX Properties Holding AG, based in Lachen (SZ), is an owner-managed real estate company with a special focus on sustainable and innovative project developments in (Northwest) Switzerland and Central Florida (Orlando, Tampa). Our portfolio of diversified investment properties in Switzerland and abroad serves as a solid basis for our various growth projects. As an owner-managed company, we think long-term and strive for a constant increase in company value in order to create sustainable value for our shareholders. Thanks to our lean organizational structure, we are agile and able to react dynamically to changes.

sitEX is built on a lean and very flexible structure, allowing to follow a very dynamic and entrepreneurial strategic approach. The vision of the company, built on four pillars.

Adding Value: sitEX invests in properties with a clear potential for value growth. The company only acquires properties with significant potential for value appreciation. sitEX repositions and develops all acquired properties to catalyze the value appreciation and benefit from a significant gain.

Developing Undeveloped Sites: Through its widespread network and thorough local expertise, sitEX manages to discover “hidden pearls” in its key markets. A strategic project development involving strong ties to local authorities ensures a substantial value gain. sitEX only invests in properties and areas with substantial long-term upside potential.

Quick Decision-Making Process: To seize opportunities you need to act quickly and carefully. Fast, proven processes lead to solid results. sitEX is able to make preliminary investment decisions about potential properties within 48 hours. This makes it possible for us to evaluate, confirm and purchase properties in the shortest possible time. At sitEX, we are committed to creating value by never missing a good opportunity.

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Just the right mix of residential, retail, office and recreational space conveniently located in Wesley Chapel, Florida. With more than 1,600 acres of natural preservation, trails and walkways, man-made lakes and recreational space, activities abound and reflection is welcomed. Designed to include up to 4,400 residences with a mix of single-family and multi-family homes, Avalon Park Wesley Chapel will also host more than 560,000 square feet of retail and 120,000 square feet of office space allowing for a bustling, pedestrian’friendly Town Center that will become a hub of activity as the community grows. Rush hour becomes obsolete when you make your office at home, or within walking distance of the Town Center.

Investment Role: Developer, Property Manager/ Leasing

Kids Bilingual Academy

Location: Gellertstrasse 37/37a 4052 Basel
Built: earliest 2017

The Renggloch is a commercial building in Kriens, a town in the vicinity of Lucerne.

Garage Bolzern AG is the anchor tenant of the building. Other tenants include various offices, storages and a music school.

Location: Rengglochstrasse 19,25a,29, 6010 Kriens
Acquired: 2011

The siTEX Powerhouse is located in the heart of the industrial district of Muttenz, a 10-minute drive from downtown Basel.

This commercial and office building is the largest investment property in the company’s portfolio. Valora is the anchor tenant.

Location: Hofackerstrasse 40, 4132 Muttenz
Industry: Industrial & Commercial Land
Built: 1994
Acquired: 2012

Built in 2008

This property is located in the heart of the old town of Basel.

Anchor Tenant of the F&B space is the restaurant “Schnabel” which is well-known amongst locals and tourists.The building contains also 6 rental apartments

Location: Trillengässlein 2, 4051 Basel
Built: 1902
Acquired: 2010

The modern Wengipark is located near the historic old town of Solothurn.

The mixed-use building comprises office and commercial space as well as 3 newly renovated loft apartments.

Location: Wengistrasse 29/31, Segetzstrasse 3/5, 4500 Solothurn
Built: 2001
Acquired: 2011

Werbholle is the company’s smallest holding in terms of value. It was acquired by Klingentalpark AG, the predecessor company of sitEX.sitEX owns 4 office spaces, 3 basements units & 15 parking spaces of the building.

Location: Werbholle 54, 4143 Dornach
Built: 1991
Acquired: 2010