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Our Approach.

We build legacies.

We began our journey with building communities.

Where once there were thousands of acres of vacant land, decades later stand townships where tens of thousands of people live, learn, work, and play. We’ve created, cared for, and curated thriving ecosystems of business and living that have grown from strength to strength. We realised a vision for a healthy community and utilized the knowledge to see it through.

1989 Founded

We think in decades, not quarters.

We’ve taken the same approach to the larger community of our portfolio. When we invest and help companies grow, we think of them as a part of an ecosystem that they have to exist within. In other words, all our companies have a mandate to provide real value, cultivate genuine partnership, and incorporate sustainable business models for the long term.

The Avalon Code

1. Good things take time

We have no fixed exit timeline. We will take sustainable, consistent, quality growth with clear synergies any day over skyrocketing businesses that end up running out of fuel and crashing down. In an environment where the constant imperative is fast gains over long growth, we have the ability to choose our own timing.

2. Be Like Water

We have a flexible deal structure. Each deal that we undertake is tailored to the needs of our portfolio and their stage of growth. Whether it takes the form of investing in equity, convertibles, or loans, we maintain an iterative, dynamic approach that doesn’t lock us into predetermined paths. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy, but treat each business as a unique entity.

3. Cut through the froth

We ignore hype and focus on fundamentals. Let’s be real: there is a lot of hype, trend chasing, and lofty valuations in the investment world. We stay true to our roots as a family office, community developer, and legacy builder and aren’t afraid to call it as we see it. Sometimes, that means investing in unsexy, more traditional or distressed assets, or missing out on the “hottest” thing in town, but we go to where a realistic chance of opportunity lies.

4. Stay grounded but look to the skies

We gravitate towards pragmatic, humble, and driven business owners. We love founders who are open to ideas, who eschew a cult of personality, who avoid technobabble and speak truth to power. When we look to the long horizon, wisdom has always won out over smarts, in business and in life. 

5. Get to the bottom of things

We believe that the measure of a business is in the day-to-day, working level. That’s why we take an in-depth, very involved approach to our investments where we want to have not just the top line numbers, but the names of employees on the back of our minds too. We share in the blood, sweat, and tears; we take on the challenges of our companies as if they are our own. It is about getting to the real heart of what determines sustainable success for a company.

How We Help Our Companies Grow

Digital Transformation

Growth isn’t just for startups. It’s also for solid, time-tested business models that can be reenergized through technology transfers. We approach digital transformation as a holistic process, taking into account the cultural, mental, emotional, operational, and personnel changes that need to take place for a successful metamorphosis.


The global stage awaits. There are many high potential businesses that become limited by their geographical reach. We serve as a portal for them to the globe, helping them reform their approach, connect them to an extensive international network to prepare them culturally and operationally for the world.

Operational Expertise

We step into the trenches. We conduct deep operational analysis, with steady and consistent involvement in the day-to-day of the businesses we invest in. We stick with the companies that become part of our portfolio, walking with them every step of the way.

Mergers & Acquisitions

1 + 1 can sometimes be more than 2. We look out for powerful synergies, leaning into our track record of creating ecosystems and communities to optimize our portfolio operations. Careful, sensible, strategic due diligence forms the backbone of our portfolio strategy.

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