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Health Data Driven Foodie Apps

Mamam is a data-driven food directory.

Using Algorithm and Machine Learning to understand each user habit. From Food Selection on certain date and time and frequent location they visit. Gather all the data, Mamam will curate a personalize selection for the user where user can choose or customize their own according to their health plan.

Mamam will implement a lot of features option in the future and this will benefit not only the user customer (B2C) but also to restauranteur and cafe owner (B2B).

Logo for Mamam
M represent Fork and face and the curve below showing smile of satisfaction.

While research and checking a few Login and Sign up Screen on different kind of apps.

I decide it is easier to go with either Login to Social media way, Google or more privacy depends on the user.

Come up with a 2 Page Solution where other users can check different user Social Media and also their favourite bookmarked page.

For user who wants to edit their profile, they can just click the profile picture and it will move to edit profile session.

On the main page, you’ll see the Map directly. It will be empty at first until you search the food that you intend to eat and it will appear on the map.

Simple with District detect location and also approximate location.

What I learn from Designing this Mobile App?

Started from personal frustration searching for food and ended up having Bigmac at McDonalds.

Decide to design my own Foodie Apps for fun. From sketching the idea into a piece of paper and then creating the template from zero knowledge until discover Adobe XD where I can wireframe the work flow and see the final outcome.

Would love to see this App become a real product one day but for now. This is where I started  get interested in Creative Direction, UI/UX Design as a whole.

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