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Helping out a developer who are doing Machine Learning (AI) apps in Facial Recognition in UI/UX and Logo Design

muca is an instant search facial recognition using Machine learning (AI).

Logo for muca
muca (muka) means face/facial in Malay language.

Simple Wireframe where User don’t need to register and can upload photos directly. They’ll get result instantly depends on the machine learning progress.

Beside coming up with wireframe and simple design where I choose Blue because it represent peace and trust.
I design a simple Components for the application to give more vibe.

What I learn from Designing this Mobile App?

It’s a simple, yet interesting collaboration with Developer who wants ‘Good Simple Design’ for his/her experimental facial recognition apps. It takes 1 hour for us to discuss the direction of the design and takes me 1 hour to come up with the wireframe and then 1 day of the interface design (a few days of changing layouts / color).

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