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Design a Simple Layout and Flow for an upcoming Uber version of Foreign Money Exchange on the go.

Okane is for traveller who are looking to exchange foreign currency on the go. This will reduce your precious time and spend more time on your holiday.
The Idea is to operate almost similar like Uber’s function for the first year.

Okane App will be releasing in South East Asia on Android Platform. Main target will be mostly tourist from East Asia, Australia & Europe.

Logo for Okane
Idea comes from a 500 yen coin

From the beginning of the app, once you open it. I want the user to feel ease in register with Validation of their Passport or ID card with Credit card.
The process will only takes about less than 1 minute to complete the registration.

Once all the Validation has been approved. App user allow to search the currency and designated location they want.
I try to make it very fast and simple way for the user.

You’ll match with someone who have your currency nearby. You can check the detail of the exchange rate before sending a message.
Once you set the date and time to meet-up you can pick up the money. Exchange, you’ll get rating transaction with the user.

Menu and Notification page.
Transaction History will be kept as your future reference.

What I learn from Designing this Mobile App?

From a normal conversation in a coffee shop. Then got invited to a tech office to discuss with other developer and project manager how the app can change the whole tourism industry. From deciding the name and creating the logo, it was my first venture into Creative Design and direct the whole UI/UX flow, strategy marketing.

Coming from Traditional Graphic and switching my career to full-time Photographer. While designing the application, I need to understand how other app’s flow works before I can decide how the final outcome in use. It was an interesting journey because it reminded me of how┬áI started everything by my own from opening a studio, design my own brand and release the right timing but all this is in the mobile app.

Before I start the prototype and design, I will make sure to discuss with the developer whether my idea works or asking for advise if there’s any similar method I shall apply.

You can download Okane App now on Google Play.

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