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Restructure and Revamp on-going Pingchat project to a better design, user interface as well as experience.


Pingchat is a Social Media and Messenger Platform for Business Person and Entrepreneur who wants to share their journey among their network who are in the same business.

Beside that, User able to share their location directly on main screen without going to menu or option bar to share. It is one of a kind Platform.

Pingchat Logo
GPS Symbol with a Chat Symbol inside.

Restructure the flow of Login and Sign Up Page.

Restructure the whole Template for Messenger Section with the functions of Reply with previous chat, translate and live GPS background.

Redesign Profile to a more professional design and easy to connect other businessperson.

Main Screen Menu and also Slider Menu when switching to Map area.

Social Feeds where User can share, view and comment.
Simlple and effective

What I learn from Restructuring this Mobile App?

Restructure and Redesign can be a very complicated task if you’re alone as a Visual Creative in the company. I spent majority of the time understand the old structure and see how can I redesign the whole template and re-wire UX into more straight forward.
I decide to keep the idea map and gps layered above messenger so that it is easy for the user to chat and know the location directly.

I also tidying up the friends and messenger section for a more minimalistic UI/UX design from my point of view what if I am a Entrepreneur. Do I need fancy design? or solid cool design that I can contact future prospect?

Last but not least, beside Mapping GPS and Messenger, sharing your ideas and upcoming project is very important to show entreprenuer is moving forward. I added a simple Social Feed where they can share, view and comment or give heart to their network.

I believe this Product can be a daily usage if I can find a better way to promote and also showing the ability to future stakeholder how this app can change the world.

You can download Pingchat now on IOS & Google Play.

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